Formação académica em Qualquer Área
  Nível académico exigido : Bacharel
  Possiveis estados académicos aceites : Cursando Finalista Interrompido

  Curso profissional em Geral
  Possiveis estados do curso aceites : Cursando Finalista Interrompido

  Profissão : Geral
  Experiência profissional de 3 anos

  Documento obrigatório : Curriculum Vitae
  Nacionalidade : Moçambicana
  Língua exigida : Inglês
  Idade entre 18 à 60 anos
  País da vaga : Moçambique
  Para trabalhar em Nampula


• Adhere to company approved processes, safe practices and procedures so that incidents may be prevented and/or mitigated via the identification, assessment and understanding of both minor and major hazards in terms of plant, process & people.
• Relentlessly drives proactive maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
• Apply all best practices in respect to Maintenance, Work Planning & Control, Contractor Management and HSSE Assurance.
• Delivers effective and efficient maintenance for the Depot.
• Fully integrates maintenance into wider depot context (operations, asset management, optimisation, budgets).
• Set and run reports on planned work to be done and actual backlogs and facilitate delivery.
• Accountable for the Maintenance Plan both planned and ad hoc maintenance work.
• Plan, monitor and report on all maintenance projects within area of operation.
• Champion Permit to work implementation on the Depots.
• Issue of Permits to Work.
• Coordinate maintenance contractor management and delivery.
• On-site maintenance project coordination
• Receive and schedule break-down calls
• Complete purchase order process ( contractor, receive authorisation, complete payments)
• Through the Maintenance system :
o Evaluate job card feedback;
o Extract lessons learned and institutionalise with the necessary parties; and
o Update database once verification completed.
o Create any follow-up work orders.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Technical with formal training in maintenance.

Experience (years and nature)
• 3-4 years in petrochemical maintenance/operations.
• Intermediate knowledge in MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint (required).
• Strong communications skills (required).

Languages Needed

Fluency in English


This role reports directly to the Terminal Manager and will be required to, utilising the outputs provided via Maintenance tool/system undertake:
• inspections and audit schedules;
• fit-for-service compliance;
• gap closures against company approved standards.
In the delivery of the above maintenance parameters, the Maintenance Supervisor will be required to have a working knowledge of the Assets Integrity Management standards, ensuring that all Control of Work parameters are fully delivered upon and in place and that all corrective actions are undertaken. In addition, the Maintenance supervisor will apply company processes to his maintenance projects.

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